Youth/Adult Resources for "Character Matters."

The In-depth Study:

This is a fairly in-depth 9-week study on the Fruit of the Spirit and will track with the weeks 2-10 of our Character Matters series. I would recommend (Parents) reading each study in advance and choosing a few of the questions and scriptures to discuss with your kids. I would not read it to your kids; it will come off sounding like a sermon. :-) 

Read in advance and prep yourself to talk (discuss) the topic each week. Ask some of the questions here as well as some that come to mind as you prepare. Take a few minutes to pray together when you start and end and have honest conversations on the character of each week. On Week 0 (the intro Sunday) there is no online study. The study for each of the following weeks 1-9 can be accessed by clicking on the green colored link for that Sunday. 

0. Intro week - Oct. 4th. (No online study today. Take this week to look at Galatians 5:22-23 and discuss some follow-up from the Sunday message.)

1. Love - Oct. 11th. 

2. Joy - Oct. 18th. 

3. Peace - Oct. 25th. 

4. Patience - Nov. 1st. 

5. Kindness - Nov. 8th. 

6. Goodness - Nov. 15th. 

7. Faithfulness - Nov. 22nd. 

8. Gentleness - Nov. 29th. 

9. Self-control - Dec. 6th. 


A shorter study:

This is a shorter study that you may want to look at as well. You might want to combine the best of both, there will be some overlap. The study is all one document and the questions repeat from week to week as the content for the week changes. This is more of a "devotional" format whereas the In-depth Study is more of a family bible study format. Chose which one works best for you and your family. To access the study, click the green link below.

Youth/Adult Study