Step 1

Parents! Thank you for taking the spiritual guidance of your children seriously! Each week (while we are meeting online) you will be able to come to this page and find resources for leading your children in an appropriate and engaging bible lesson prepared for you for each Sunday. These resources are provided free by LifeWay. Each week the resources for the coming Sunday go live on Friday. The following are the directions for accessing these resources. 

1. Click the photo on the left to go to the LifeWay Digital Pass page. Click the "Register To Begin" button to setup your FREE account. In the following weeks, you will click the "Already Have A LifeWay ID? Sign In" button. Come back here after you register for the rest of the instructions. 

Step 2

After you have setup your FREE account, you will go to a landing page. There's a lot here. You can look at anything you want to on this page, it's all free for the time being. You are most interested in these two resources, they look like the picture to the right: 

  • LifeWay Kids at home
  • LifeWay Preschool at home

Depending on which you want to use, and you may use both, click on that resource picture.

Step three

Once you click into the resource, they both look basically the same, like this picture on the left. There are two things you are interested in:

  • 1. If you scroll to down the page, there are dated lessons. The "LifeWay Kids at home" has 4 videos each week: an instructional video for parents, the main lesson video, a missions video and a short gospel presentation video. You can click and play these directly on the page. The "LifeWay Preschool as home" has a similar download button as well as 2 videos each week: an instructional video for parents and the main lesson video. 
  • 2. On the right under the top banner, there is a box that says "Downloads." Click that word and you will go to a page with dated materials. Choose the date you want and download the resources. There are three things available: An activity sheet, and answer sheet and an age appropriate gospel sheet. All these sheets are designed for printout. If you have no printer available, you may view them on your screen.

That's IT! You can do this!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I can call you and walk you through the signup and registration or help you find your way through the videos and downloads. Click here to send me an email: or

When I get your email, I can either answer by email or call you back. If you get a chance, thank Lydia for setting all of this up for us; she does a great job providing direction for our children's programming! 

Please know that we are praying for you and we will "see" you (or maybe you will see me) online on Sunday. 

Lydia and her tech-advisor Pastor Sean  :-)